Return of the Salmon 2008

KEEPS, Metro Vancouver and over 725 visitors welcomed the salmon back home to Maple Ridge on October 19th. A great team effort from our volunteers as well as Panago made this traditional fall event a fantastic success.

Visitors began to arrive early, as the fog lifted over Kanaka.

There were plenty of volunteers on hand to fish out the chum salmon.

Brandon getting ready to release this female chum upstream.

Cortney and Sarah with another female chum. The fish are unusually large this year.

A great chance for visitors of all ages to see salmon up close..

John was recognized for his 25 seasons on the creek..

That made him very happy, for all the rest of the day.

Wrestling large chum salmon around gives one an appetite, and Panago was there to take care of that.

Ken ran the fish dissection table, which was very popular.
The aquatic insect table was also quite busy.

Taking a break with the dogs at the DFO booth.