Goodbye Chums 2011

Once again, visitation exceed well over 500 at this annual spring event at Bell-Irving Hatchery, co-hosted by KEEPS and Metro Vancouver. Thanks go to so many...Panago, Tim Hortons, the many exhibitors, but most importantly our army of volunteers!

Things were rocking at Bell-Irving on April 17th!

As always, the coho feeding show was a big hit.

The puppet show was popular also.

Kids of all ages examined creek critters.

But of course, the major attraction was to scoop some salmon fry out of the tank....

...and watch them begin their journey to the Pacific.

Mike was there with the watershed photos...

...and a little Rock and Roll.

Raptors Ridge brought the birds.

A day for lots of smiles!
Thanks to Panago and Tim Hortons!
Part of the gang that ran the Salmon Survival station...they even brought their sturgeon.