Return of the Salmon 2011                

Brilliant sunny skies greeted the over 500 visitors that came to welcome the salmon home on October 16th. Of course, we could not do this without our volunteers. Thanks for coming out; you folks are simply amazing. Thanks also to Panago; supplying pizza for the volunteers. You all rock so much!

Brandon shows off a spawned out pink salmon.

Bev turned up with her popular salmon survival game.

The fish dissection table was popular as usual. Kudos to Jonathan and Ioana.

Mike had his photos on display as well.

Metro Vancouver staff brought the fishing activity.

Sarah and between slinging salmon around.

Sarah and Cortney rocking the fish fence.

Another salmon...

This time it's a chum.

What a perfect October day.

Darin showing off another chum.

This one that Brandon found impressed us since it was so silver bright.

All in all, a great day!