World Rivers Day 2011

A great day along lower Kanaka as we took part in this huge world wide celebration of our rivers and streams. Thanks to our volunteers, and once again to Panago!

District of Maple Ridge staff and their families gather in preparation to remove invasive periwinkle.

After a walk down the dike...

The project got underway.

Lots of high winds on this day, at one point tearing the top of the tent.

Canoe trip getting underway.

Hanging by the booth.
The girls made sure the aforementioned booth didn't blow away.
Looking downstream, towards the Fraser confluence.
Braving 60km/h winds along the Fraser.
The Salmon are Sacred people paddled down from Mission to meet us.
Another canoe departs...
..into this.
A fair amount of hot chocolate was consumed later.
A friendly toot from CP 9740.