Goodbye Chums 2012

This annual spring tradition was a great day! Almost 600 visitors came to see what we are up to, but more importantly to send some chum salmon fry on their way to their amazing ocean journey. Of course, we could never hope to do this without the unbelievable help of our volunteers, as well as Tim Hortons and Panago. You all rock!

Goodbye, chums...

The parents want to play too.

Does Cortney get excited about this event? Naw...

The crowds just kept coming.

Bev brought her salmon survival game.

Raptors Ridge were on hand with their very cool birds..

Panago and Tim Hortons helped take care of the volunteers. Thanks so much!

The ubiquitous insect table..

Dave spoke to the visitors....

...and demonstrated Green Roof technology.
Cort and Brandon took a break by the creek.
A little more salmon roulette.
Georgia loved all the attention!