Goodbye Chums 2017

At least 800 visitors, and perhaps many more than that, shared the awesome experience of the Grand Opening of the Kanaka Creek Watershed Stewardship Center, and also the kickoff of the 50th anniversary of Regional Parks. While we thank our volunteers and Panago as always, the unsung heroes are the staff of Metro Vancouver, who rose to the occasion as they so often do, during the mad dash to the finish line of having the Center ready for today. You folks rock more than you know!


The gang...together again. 


Chumming up to Jackie. 

Now that is a whole lot of KEEPS history.


We may have seen this guy before...


Morning tour of the new facility. 


Cindy and the gang at the fry station. 


A so very active spring day. 
Greg and Heather. 
  Taking it all in. 
  Brenda with some of her chums. 
  Mike and Vanessa ran a very great welcome tent. 
  The lower picnic area.
  Of course, this is what it's all about.
  The fry getting aquainted with the creek. 
  Bug station! 
  The view from here.
Rebecca and her chums.
  Bear in the yard!