Stewardship Center Open Houses
Next one is  Pondering Amphibians, June 10th 1-4PM.  
Tweeting with the Songbirds
Goodbye Chums 2018
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Tracking Workshop, March 18, 2018 

We are headquartered at the Kanaka Creek Watershed Stewardship Center, located in east Maple Ridge B.C.
There is a new addition at Bell-Irving Hatchery. Cecil Tayes put his considerable wood working skills into making this amazing bench.
World Rivers Day 2017
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Return of the Salmon 2017

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Goodbye Chums 2016


KEEPS Photo of Week

Fry Day


We welcome photo submissions to this site. Pictures depicting the Kanaka watershed will be given top priority, but other photos may be posted at the discretion of the webmaster. Send your pictures to r.davies(at)
Previous event photos available here  

Thank you volunteers!

KEEPS and the Bell-Irving Hatchery have greatly appreciated the volunteer help we have been receiving. To make a long story short, you guys rock! For more information, contact us at 604-970-8404.


Environmental Education Programs.

How high will the Fraser River get at Riverfront?

For more information, check out the Education Programs button to the left, or the following links:

Program photos

Program brochure

Teacher's package

Insect sampling at the Stewardship Center, November 6, 2017.

Spencer Creek / SRT program

It's time to once again tackle invasive plants in Albion Park! Who is up to the challenge?

Local weather information

You can track Kanaka water levels here:  

  Kanaka Creek weather records, available here 


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