Unsettling times

Good evening, as we settle in tonight during these very unsettling times. So many of us are just like Barney the bear, watching and wondering what is coming next, as all of our scheduled programs are obviously postponed. All we do know is that Kanaka Creek Regional Park and its wonderful nature is still open. … Read more

Family Day 2020 – Ravenous Raptors

An amazing attendance of 461 today, which is a new Open House record. So many thanks to our volunteers, and also to Alison from Metro Vancouver Parks, and of course Raptors Ridge. Just a fantastic day. We wish to recognize the Provincial and Federal Governments for supporting this event.

A Bear Story

2019 Honey Bear A little update: Honey Bear is doing well. As of June 8th, 2020, she has successfully raised her cubs to be on their own.

Return of the Salmon 2019

400 visitors took in our annual Maple Ridge fall classic as we were singin in the rain on the banks of Kanaka. Special thanks to Metro Vancouver staff, our volunteers of course, and Panago!