Family Day Open House 2023

We thank everyone that pitched in to make this day a fantastic one! Supported by the Province of British Columbia. We gratefully acknowledge the Province of British Columbia’s grant to Metro Vancouver Regional Parks in support of our free, community Family Day activity.  

Return of the Salmon 2022

445 visitors came to share this Maple Ridge fall classic with us on this most delightful of Sundays. We extend thanks to our volunteers as well as Metro Vancouver Regional Parks staff.

Arbor Day 2022

We take our traveling show to Maple Ridge’s Fletcher Park on this early autumn afternoon.


This event at Memorial Peace Park hasn’t happened since you-know-what, but today it was back and so were we.

Bear Necessities Open House

A relaxing June 12th as we talked about bears and shared experiences outside the Stewardship Center. We even had a visit from Harry, our resident snowshoe hare.