The Kanaka Education and Environmental Partnership Society (KEEPS) offers a variety of interactive environmental education programs, both in the classroom and in the field, available throughout the year.

Whatever the age group or grade level, we have a program to suit your needs! Our programs are offered to public and private schools, daycares, and Scout and Girl Guide groups. We can easily modify our programs to accommodate your class’s individual needs.

Outdoor Programs 

Cost / student: $2.00

Outside Adventures: Grades K-3 Length: 1 1/2 hours

 Students are introduced to salmonid life cycles, predator / prey interactions, riparian functions and plant identification. The course may include hatchery viewing seasonally, and salmon fry releases in spring. Additional activities such as pond sampling are included.

Brook Learning: Grades 4-5  Length: 2 hours

Students are introduced to basic habitat assessment techniques by obtaining data from the adjacent stream. The students learn about what is required for productive salmon habitat. Salmonid life cycles and survival challenges including predators are discussed. The course may include hatchery viewing seasonally, and salmon fry releases in spring. Additional activities such as pond sampling are included.

Wild, Wild Wet: Grades 6-7  Length: 2 1/2 hours

Students learn the two primary methods of assessing stream health: directly, by measuring water chemistry, and indirectly, by examining the aquatic insect indicator species that live there. Salmonid life cycles and predator / prey interactions are discussed, and a hatchery function is discussed. Seasonal activities may include fish releases and viewing egg takes.

Fish Reaching Youth (FRY)   Length: varies

FRY is an outreach program where we involve students with watershed activities on a stream in their area. Activities can include data collection, monitoring, stream cleanup, or habitat restoration. This is an ideal program for students that wish to pursue a career in the environmental field, as experienced gained during this program can facilitate entrance into post-secondary environmental programs.


Invasive species removal: Grades 5-12  Length: 2 hrs to half day

One of the leading issues in the Kanaka watershed continues to be invasive plant species and their effects on the environment. Students will participate with removal of these species while learning how to identify them as well as prevention measures.

Classroom Programs 

Cost / student: $1.00

Watershed Road Show: Grades K-7  Length: 1 1/2 hours

In our popular classroom program, students learn about watershed concepts and urban impacts using an interactive Enviroscape watershed model. We also bring live aquatic invertebrates into the classroom, so that students capture and identify them and learn about their role as stream health indicators. Predator / prey interactions and the salmon’s important role in the watershed ecosystem is covered as well. The level of detail is tailored to fit any grade level.

Bear Necessities: Grades: K-12 Length: 1.5 hours

Would you know what to do in a bear encounter? We will discuss yard attractants and how to manage them, bear sign and typical behavior, and most importantly how to assess a bear’s intentions during an encounter.

Other programs available on request

Cliff Park Circle Tour  Length: 1 1/2 to 2 hours

This interpretive walk begins and ends at the Stewardship Center. The trail to Cliff Park passes through a mature rain forest before reaching dramatic Cliff Falls with its unique canyon geography. Participants should be able to hike 3 km over undulating terrain. Bring your camera!

Fish Fence (October / November only)

The fish fence at 240th Street is an ideal place to experience migrating and spawning salmon up close. This tour can be offered on its own or in tandem with another field trip program.

Storm drain marking   Length: 1—1/2 hours

A simple yet effective way to remind the community that all rainwater leads to fish habitat. This program is offered in spring, summer and fall.

Before you arrive

Programs run rain or shine (with the exception of unusual conditions such as floods, high winds or lightning)

Dress for the weather! This is especially critical during the often wet fall and winter seasons.

Be prepared to have fun!

To book a program contact Ross Davies at: r.davies(at)

Some program feedback….

“You related to the students at their level.”       “Your enthusiasm level was key.”
             “Well paced and action packed!”                    “Students were actively engaged at all times.”    “Best field trip we’ve ever been on!”