FREE: Business of Art Online Workshop

FREE: Business of Art Online Workshop


Offered by Todd Polich, the artist working on the Pacific Parklands Foundation | Kanaka Creek Mural Project

Ages 17+

Are you an up and coming artist who wants to learn the business of creating independent art? We’ll cover strategies for starting and building a successful career as an artist, working with clients and potential clients, proposal writing, pricing of work, communication, delivery of product and marketing work for future projects.

Part 1: Feb 7, 6:30-8pm
– Where artists go wrong
– Defining your business
– Entrepreneur skills
– Investing in an art career
– How to find work as an artist

Part 2: Feb 28, 6:30-8pm
– Communicating with potential clients
– Pricing your work
– Should you turn down work?
– Project scope, expectations, and budgeting
– Proposal writing
– Presentation skills
– Setting short and long term goals as an artist

Email<> to register and indicate which days you’d like to participate in.