Wildlife cameras

Somewhere in Kanaka, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks occasionally uses wildlife cameras at strategic off-trail locations to monitor wildlife. The images help determine species presence, habitat utilization (feeding, sleeping, marking) as well as capturing some species interactions. The information is used to assist in making management decisions within the park. Enjoy the images!

Spring songs

Pacific chorus frogs doing what they do in the pond habitat at the Stewardship Center. Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

A Bear Story

2019 Honey Bear A little update: Honey Bear is doing well. As of June 8th, 2020, she has successfully raised her cubs to be on their own.

Goodbye Chums 2019

887 visitors shared this event with us on the banks of Kanaka Creek on a beautiful spring day. Of course, an amazing team effort made this all possible, and we thanks Metro Vancouver staff, our volunteers, all of the fabulous exhibitors that turned up, and as always Panago.