Goodbye Chums 2023

What a way to celebrate KEEPS turning 25 and the Bell-Irving Hatchery turning 40, as the mercury hit 26 degrees over the 500 plus visitors. Metro Vancouver Regional Parks staff stood tall, as did our volunteers, while Fisheries and Oceans staff joined us as well. Panago fed those volunteers.

K.E.E.P.S. Annual General Meeting & Special Resolutions

KANAKA CREEK WATERSHED STEWARDSHIP CENTER, 11484 256TH STREET, MAPLE RIDGE 7:00PM, May 4th The Board of Directors has voted to implement a $10 Annual Membership fee, due before the meeting. You must be a member in good standing in order to vote at the AGM, or stand for any of the Director’s positions. Official business … Read more

For goodness snakes

Somewhere in Maple Ridge, this March day’s 19 degree temperatures have lured these common garter snakes out of their hibernacula. Dozens if not hundreds of snakes may reside there during the winter. These are males attempting to mate. Certain males will emit something similar to a female pheromone, and then lure the other males away … Read more

Spring Break Day Camp

Once again, the City of Maple Ridge, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks and KEEPS team up for this day camp. We take a little visit on a warm St. Patrick’s Day.

Family Day Open House 2023

We thank everyone that pitched in to make this day a fantastic one! Supported by the Province of British Columbia. We gratefully acknowledge the Province of British Columbia’s grant to Metro Vancouver Regional Parks in support of our free, community Family Day activity.